Zend Development

Zend Development

SoftTechies a website design and web application development company is committed to use proven open source technologies. We at SoftTechies use Zend Framework for its SaaS and enterprise application development projects. Zend framework is highly optimized framework that can be extended for large volume applications. Zend Framework is developed based on MVC object oriented architecture pattern. Zend is designed to support the projects' expansions/changes using its modular development practice. Zend supports MySQL, SQLite, Oracle databases.

Our expert zend developers utilizes Zend's real power where it makes development faster and accurate due to zend's support of Composer and PHPUnit. Our Zend team has evaluated its own knowledge after successfully developing more then 20 large scale applications. May it be zend website development, zend application development or API development using Zend Framework we know it at best.

What we do in Zend?

  • Web Application developement
  • Website developemnt
  • API developement using zend apigility
  • Existing application maintenance
  • Customization Service
  • Rich Internet Applications (RIA)
  • SaaS and Enterprise application development

Our Zend experts ensures high quality Zend application delivered through a crucial evaluation process. You get your SaaS products with easy monitoring and moderating tools. While security is the major factor, each Zend product we delivery will have security notifications and alerts system such as access logs, error logs and activity logs.

Our delivery team ensures smooth migration to your servers with complete handover along with documents such as technical documents, code documentation, deployment guides and usage documentation.

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