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Highly qualified specialists

Our team of developers, designers and marketing have balanced environment. At SoftTechies we thrive to remain expert in each level. Our experienced management team works to ensure that every detail of our projects runs smoothly.

The SoftTechies Team is comprised of the best qualified managers and technical leaders in the industry. We can match your project needs and personal preferences. Due to our team’s professionalism we can provide you best solution in the industry.

Why We’re Better

Our advantages


Being expert professionals we know what should be there for a perfect delivery. We belive in not just solutions but effective solutions! To delight our customer is our first priority.


Our experts spent last few years excelling their skills and expanding their practical knowledge. We keep building our skills stronger to keep our customers at the current technology edge!


We know how crucial the timing for our customer to be in the business as early as possible, hence we have proven our skills to delivery even on tight schedule!



Our prices make sense! That’s applicable both for the website and web application design and development as well as our all other services!

New Standards of Quality


Security is a vital part web development services. We adopt best in industry security testing and implementation.

Mobile First

As the world is more on mobile now, what is the point if website or web application not working on mobile. We have made the default standard of 100% mobile friendly frontend.


Offcourse which technology is behind implementation matters. We remain always with new edge technology for our website design and development solutions.


Visit our contact page and send us your contact and requirement details. Or simply send email on chavdamahesh@softtechies.com

We are expert in web development. May it be website or web development, Our expert website designers and developers provides end to end web solutions with current edge technologies.
It depends on complexity of the website or application. For simple 10 pages website it could cost you $500. If there is extensive functionality on website, we can provide you estimate and you can decide based on your budget.
SoftTechies provides dedicated designers or php developers having excellent skills. We provide designers/developers on hourly basis starting from $10/hr, depending on skills.

We believe in to provide best solutions to our client. Not just solutions but effective solutions is our motto.

You can start a project after initial phase of knowing each other. We charge minimum fees to start project and then the payment upon completion of each milestones.
We have a strong experience in project management. Starting from project initialization phase to delivery phase we follow standard practices of agile development methodology. We identify risks and control the quality by adapting quality control mechanism.
We provide a smooth transition of final product to our clients at their preferred server. We provide complete KT and documentation. After the final delivery, we provide minimum 1 month support for any show stopper issues.