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To take a trivial example, which of us ever undertakes laborious physical exercise, except to obtain some advantage from it? But who has any right to find fault with a man who chooses to enjoy a pleasure that has no annoying consequences

A new Business? A business trying to grow? If you are thinking about how to market your business online, walk these baby steps first.

  1. Have a Website. – Needless to say, to market your business online you need to have a website. Website shows how legitimate you are just like owning an office. If you want business from world wide you have to have your own address at www.
  2. Business Listing – Get your website listed on yellow pages. It proves company’s license and company details.
  3. Get Organic SEO done- When we have a question, we go to google. If a person wants curtains or some interior work he will look up to google to find this service in his area. There are a lots of people doing the same business so google will show thousands of results. If your website is after 3-4 pages noone goes that far. So even having a website but not coming in the results of search engine is no worth. Organic SEO is an optimization technique done on the site with daily activities that makes google find your site and if it finds your site, it will show it in the first pages.
  4. Social Media- Get on Social Media and promote your business. Connect with people and let them know what you are doing and where. Market your service frequently on your page and make a new business page and post regularly. With this being said, don’t over-market to a stage that people get annoyed and unfollow or block your posts. Bring some creativity and fun in every post. Don’t post boring stuff. Everyone wants the best for the value of their money so show how you are best in what you do. Coz if you don’t someone else will and you will lose a client there.
  5. Reviews– Reviews are the most important thing that a person sees before spending their money. Focus on getting good reviews. Whenever you provide a service, ask your client in a humble way to post a review on your social pages like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn. Ask them to write about the service they took from you and if it helped them. Reviews from clients shows the most genuineness that nothing else does. When you get a hold of new client make it your goal to give the best service. It will only result to satisfied clients and more business.

These are the common yet fruit bearing ways that will always stay important no matter what service you provide.

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